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Things to Know about Arriving in Bali
Things to Know about Arriving in Bali

On this page, we’re sharing useful tips for a hassle-free arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. One of our best tips is to take out the stress of the arrival experience by booking the Airport VIP Service On Arrival.

We all know that the waiting lines can be horrific at certain times of the day. This service includes a personal concierge who’ll walk you through the arrival process; from arrival in the terminal all the way through the exit. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it, to skip the lineups on arrival!

Other important things to know before arriving in Bali:

  • Your passport must have at least 6 months validity on it from your arrival date in Bali. You can’t be short by even one or two days or they will not let you even board the plane.
  • It is the law that you cannot take any liquid that is more than 100ml in your carry on luggage on an international flight (this includes lipgloss, gels, creams etc), even if the bottle is almost empty and holds more than 100ml you will be unable to take it on board. Make sure these items are packed in your checked in luggage.
  • Once you go through immigration you will head to baggage claim. Be prepared, Bali airport is known to take a while for bags to arrive on the baggage carousel. There is free Wi-Fi in the airport though, to keep you entertained!
  • Once you have collected your bags you will need to go through Customs, where you have to hand in one customs declaration form per family; this is where you need to declare any of the goods listed on the form. In an effort to go paperless, it is now possible to complete the form online and present the QR to the customs officer. *
  • Every passenger over 18 years of age is allowed 1 litre of alcohol duty free.
  • When your bags have been scanned and you have cleared Customs you will exit the airport. Expect to see a metal barrier with many drivers standing behind it holding signs up with names on it. This area can be busy, take your time to find your sign if you have pre-booked an airport transfer. If you haven’t arranged your transport head to the taxi counter or the GRAB counter, or negotiate with one of the local drivers waiting there.
  • Porters – there are many porters at this area who will want to help you with your bags. If you let them carry your bags they will expect between 20,000 IDR – 50,000 IDR per bag. If you use their help it is best to negotiate the price before they take them. If you have a driver they will carry your bags free of charge. If you do not want the porters help just politely say no thank you.